Adult Affiliate Programs

Everyone wants to make money online, but most overlook the easiest and most obvious way to do it. You don’t have to join weird pyramid schemes, sell second-hand crafts or items, or invest in capital-intensive businesses. It is obvious what is the best way to earn money online, especially if we consider that PORN is the most lucrative industry, because although it is a taboo for many people, the adult industry is a business that moves more than 100,000 million dollars a year.

I am not suggesting that you produce or star in pornography, although this can also be a good outlet for people who have this vocation and freely wish to engage in this activity. It is much easier, to excite sites and sell content through ADULT AFFILIATE PROGRAMS, which provide you with all the necessary tools to carry out your promotions, as well as incredible percentages of commissions for sales or affiliations.

What is an affiliate program for adults?

Cam and porn sites rely on marketing to attract visitors to their sites. Businesses need advertisers and marketers; So affiliate programs basically pay you to promote their sites: you help them market your product online and get a share of the profits they make from the Internet users you send them, whether they buy something on the site or join to a subscription.

Advantages of Affiliate Programs

In addition, you can promote these sites without having to pay a penny in the initial investment, except for the time that you have to decide, at the beginning, to be able to put your site or your promotion systems to work. Most of these programs give you access to the promotional tools you need relatively easily. You will have access to banners, clips, galleries, and sometimes even free hosting for your site. All you have to do is create a site and / or a marketing campaign that reaches potential customers. Once those surfers click on your links, the site you are promoting will recognize that the traffic is coming from you. Finally, if they sign up to try the product, subscribe to memberships or make purchases, you will receive a percentage of the money they spend.

Payouts Programs

There are several types of programs and payment structures, these being specific to each affiliate program. Here is a quick overview of the most common ones.

Revenue Sharing or “RevShare”

Revenue sharing means you get a percentage of the purchases a customer makes, over the life of your account. The percentage usually varies between 40% and 70%, on porn sites, or between 10% and 30% in the promotion of sexshop items. For example, if someone makes a monthly subscription after clicking one of the links on your site, you will receive between 40% and 70% of their subscription fee each month. Or, if it is a webcam site where they buy tokens, you will receive a fixed percentage for each purchase.

PPS or “Pay per Signup”

PPS doesn’t offer the long-term potential that income sharing does, but it’s an easy way to make a quick buck. With this structure, you will get a fixed payment for each initial registration, often up to $ 40. Some sites even pay for subscriptions for free trials or free access!

Webmaster Referrals

You can even make money by recruiting new affiliate marketers. Like I said before, these sites want all the marketing they can get. When you refer another webmaster, you get a percentage of their earnings for the life of their account, usually between 2% and 10%.

Advices for affiliate marketing

The main tip to follow is to choose well-established and reputable adult content providers. All affiliate programs I refer to on this page meet that condition. There are excellent adult sites that have been in this work for many years and you can be sure that they will deliver on their promises because of the opinion of hundreds of promoters and because they will not compromise their good image, so why join a company of dubious reputation? Here we recommend the sites that have given us the best results and that are most promising.